Step into a realm of extraordinary transformation as you enter the vibrant world of ProWd Women’s signature events. Our curated experiences are more than gatherings; they are immersive journeys designed to elevate, inspire and redefine the way you engage with life.

From the introspective « Conscious Journey, » where self-discovery and gratitude intertwine in a harmonious dance, to the invigorating « Awake Journey, » an 8-day reset challenging the norms of travel, every event is crafted to be an exploration of the extraordinary. « Conscious Birthday » turns celebrations into innovative, health-conscious experiences, while « Gahwa Time Away » transcends the traditional Girls Trip, becoming a transformative adventure.

In this realm of collective growth, empowerment and celebration, ProWd Women invites you to embrace the spirit of ProWdness—a state of mind that turns every experience into an opportunity for awakening, resetting and connecting on a profound level.

Welcome to a world where every event is a celebration of uniqueness, unity, magnanimity and shared pride.

Join us in a world of Prowdness


A Me-Time in Togetherness


Your Ultimate Girls Trip


Act Locally, Ripple the Impact


Redefining Celebrations


A Voyage of Reset

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