Hospitality is a heritage

where every cup tells a story

and every story builds a community.

Welcome to Gahwa Time, the heartbeat of our ProWd Women (PW) community!

Gahwa Time is more than a moment; it’s a cherished tradition where diverse women from around the world come together to connect on what matters most— our potential, our impact, our heritage and, above all, our ProWdness Touch.

In this safe and inviting space, we welcome, acknowledge and celebrate the best experiences that awaken our senses, rooted in the richness of our heritage. As we savor the fresh aroma of Saudi Coffee, Gahwa Time becomes a creative meeting ground for a sustainable community with social responsibility.

It’s a time to discuss opportunities, expand our capacities and empower one another. Join us in this journey of connection, celebration and shared pride.


Gahwa Kits

We design exclusive Gahwa kits that include high-quality coffee and tea blends, along with unique accessories and items that enhance the Gahwa Time experience.

Cultural Artisanal Crafts

We collaborate with local artisans to offer unique, handmade products that reflect the cultural diversity within the PW community. This includes traditional crafts, textiles and artwork.

Local Specialty Foods

We source and offer specialty food items that represent the diverse culinary heritage of the community. This include unique spices, healthy sweets and traditional ingredients.

Empowerment Tools

We offer products that empower and inspire, such as motivational journals, goal-setting planners and items featuring empowering quotes and affirmations.

Gahwa Boxes

We create subscription boxes featuring a mix of curated products, educational materials and exclusive items that align with the community’s values and interests.

Educational Resources

We develop and offer educational resources in various formats, such as e-books, online courses, room talks, masterclass, masterseat and workshops, covering topics that align with the community’s interests and goals.


Join us in the pursuit of knowledge, empowerment and shared wisdom through our Knowledge Intensive Services.

In our ProWd Women Community, « K.I.S. » stands for « Knowledge Intensive Services. » It represents our commitment to engaging in a cognitive and experiences pursuits and fostering an environment of continuous learning. K.I.S. encapsulates a series of events and initiatives where the richness of knowledge takes center stage. Whether through thought-provoking conferences, insightful workshops, or interactive seminars, K.I.S. serves as a platform for our community to delve into meaningful discussions, exchange expertises and collectively expand our understanding of diverse topics. It embodies our dedication to lifelong learning, personal growth and the vibrant exchange of ideas that elevate our community.

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